Lent Is Coming!

by Sophie Jacobucci

I can feel it.

The buzz in the Catholic community is on the upcoming week. Questions fill conversations, “What are you giving up? What are you doing? How are you remembering Lent this year?” and there are many ideas lingering.  We are called into a deeper sense of prayer and relationship with God, but how do we do that without falling into “what we did last year”? How do we journey to the deeper level?

This article , “Beyond the Great Lenten Phone and Facebook Fast,” sparked my interest. In an age of technology and isolation, Tom Hoopes discusses possible ways to go beyond “what we did last year” and focus on God. This is what the time is about, a transformation and conversion of heart.

So, how are you remembering Lent this year?

In an effort to create a special space on the blog, each Wednesday I will focus on a one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy until Holy Week. I encourage you to write to raphecho@gmail.com with any suggestions or comments!

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